Cameron Dunlap iFlip – Real Estate Done Virtually

iFlipsystems-300x140 Cameron Dunlap here and I thought I’d take a few minutes to introduce  you to iFlip. iFlip was created because I was spending a TON of time  doing unnecessary busy work. I had very little time to spend with my  family and my business was running me. I was making money but I knew  there was a better way. This is when iFlip was born.

It’s a complete hands off, virtual money making system that allows anyone to flip deals automatically. And it’s very exciting because I’ve seen the change it’s made in my life as well as in my students lives.

Right now is one of the most amazing opportunities in real estate in fact you may never see something like this again in your lifetime. So if you have a program that helps do the work for you, you will be able to cash more paychecks and do more deals during this time of opportunity. As with any successful business, the key is having a good system iFlip is that key.

The way iFlip works is that it recruits and manages a team of bird dogs. Bird dogs are like house hunters, they are actively looking for houses to send you that meet a specific criteria and in return you pay them a small fee for finding that home. I pay my bird dogs $5 to $10 per lead and with a little training, they get really good at finding exactly what I am looking for. From some of the Cameron Dunlap iFlip reviews we are seeing, some students have told us they are getting hundreds of bird dogs sign up to start sending them deals.

The way we attract these bird dogs is through classified ads. And if you don’t think there are bird dogs on there looking for work, you’re in the wrong spot. I’ve had students find hundreds of bird dogs in certain areas within a few weeks. They may not all send them properties at once, but all you need is a couple good ones. iFlip will automatically recruit and train all your bird dogs so they know exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve got the proven ad that pulls like nothing else and it’s all in iFlip.

Once you bird dog finds a property, they will submit the property into your iFlip account. This is where they submit all the pictures and any other information you require. Then it goes into your iFlip database which allows you to keep track of all your leads. Now you can review the property and either accept it, reject it, or tell them it’s incomplete. It also takes care of all the accounting and pays all your bird dogs automatically.

Now that you have properties, one the challenges many people face is finding a buyer. Well, don’t worry, I’ve got that covered as well. See, being in this industry long enough I know what causes people to quit and give up. This is one of those reasons. If they don’t think they can find a buyer, they won’t even start making offers. So by building a buyers list, you will now have access to buyers for your deals.

Not only will you be building your own buyers list using iFlip, you will also have access to my nationwide buyers list that I have been building over the last several years. This database consists of thousands of buyers that you will have immediate access to. We are constantly added to and updating this list on a daily basis. You get all this with Cameron Dunlaps iFlip system.