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You’re here because you’re looking for some good, truthful Cameron Dunlap iFlip Reviews. Look no further because we’re going to show you the entire iFlip system and the amazing things it can do to help automate your real estate investing business. Along with showing you the iFlip system, you’ll see a few iFlip reviews of a few of our students who are currently using iFlip to help their business.

iFlipsystems-300x140 First of all, my name is Cameron Dunlap and I am an active real estate investor.  I  have been involved in hundreds of my own real estate transactions and I’ve  also  been involved in hundreds of my students transactions… more on this  later. The  point is, I’m not some infomercial guru that claims to be making  money in real estate and really just selling a bunch of information. I’m actively  buying and selling real estate today, so I know and understand the challenges and obstacles real estate investors face everyday. I know the market changes from day to day. I know the laws and regulations change. And I know that this is one of the greatest time in history to be buying and selling real estate. As long as you know what you’re doing…

And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be jeopardizing your name, your reputation, your credit and sometime everything you’ve built up to this point. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen obviously. So, on to more about this iFlip review…

Being in the trenches everyday and seeing real estate change over the past 20 years, I am a very experienced real estate investor. I’ve see up markets, down markets, markets that are sideways, you name it. When I first started my investing career, I made the mistake of doing everything myself. Since I am a perfectionist, I wanted to make sure everything was done right. My first house that I ever bought was a foreclosure that needed a ton of rehab. Being the scrapping, youthful man I was, I thought this project would be easy for me and I figured it would only take me about 5 weekends to completely rehab my property. Boy was I ever wrong. It took 18 weeks to complete the rehab, not to mention that I also had to drive 4 hours one way just to get there. It was a great experience and one that I don’t want to replicate.

Although I did walk away with a nice profit for $12,000, I have since figured out better ways, better systems and better strategies to automate much of this process and make a TON more money as I did on my first deal. This is exactly what I and most of my students are doing on a daily basis. Using systems and tools to do the work so they can focus their time on the really important things that make them money.

Now, I use several tools that really help me leverage my time and if you’re an investor that has mindset of doing everything by yourself, let me tell you from experience that you’re wasting your precious time. That is one resource you can never get back, so it’s important to make the best use of it. One of the tools I use to leverage my time is called iFlip. iFlip is an amazing tool because it does so many things for me that I don’t have to do myself. It virtually automates several aspects of this business.

One of the most time consuming pieces to investing in real estate is finding the properties. For you to go out and drive neighborhoods, is not the best use of your time. That doesn’t mean you can’t “be aware” of your surroundings when you drive neighborhoods to pick up you kids, go to activities, go to work, go to church, or wherever you go. But to take time out and drive neighborhoods, is not good. You need to leverage others who are doing this day to day. Real estate agents are a good example. They are constantly driving around showing houses all day. Call a good one, let them know you criteria and let them bird dog for you all day.

Cameron Dunlap iflip websitesThis was the exact reason I created iFlip. See iFlip, attracts and manages a slew of bird dogs for you. In fact it even goes one step further. It also trains them and shows them exactly what you are looking for so you don’t have to waste your time explaining your ideal property to every single bird dog. Some our students have hundreds of bird dogs so can you imagine how long it would take to explain to each one of them exactly what you are looking for? Not the best use of your time, so it’s automated and works so smooth.

iFlip also teaches you how to go out and find these bird dogs. You’ll actually use the templates inside the members area to create a website. Then you’ll use the swipe files I’ve created to literally attract hundreds of bird dogs and send them to your site. iFlip then takes over, trains and then manages each one. When they send you a property that fits your criteria, the system then pays your bird dog automatically. So you don’t even need to worry about the financial piece to it either. We normally pay a bird dog $10 – $15 depending on how good they are and how many leads they send.

Once the bird dog and been paid, then it’s time for you to go to work. Now you have a super qualified lead that literally took you minutes to log in and approve. Now you proceed to either calling the listing agent or the agent you normally deal with… (This is a whole new training in a of itself, dealing with the listing agents) Once you’ve got the property tied up, now it’s time to find your end buyer. With the iFlip system, it also comes with a complete buyers list of buyers from across the nation. We’ve spent several thousands of dollars acquiring and managing these buyers so they are fresh and looking to buy great deals. As an iFlip user, you will be able to have access to these buyers.

Here are a few Cameron Dunlap iFlip reviews of those who use this hands off data management system.

This system is Awesome! I have almost 40 bird dogs, 4 buyers and 3 properties already submitted. And all this in just 1 week of implementing.
– Robert Morrow

I just wanted to let you know how well the iFlip system is working for me. Currently I have 119 bird dogs here in Omaha alone and more properties coming in than we can handle. It it truly Amazing how well this system works if you work the system. Thanks again.
– Richard Kingsbury

Now, I mentioned earlier about being involved in students transactions as well. This is because I help them fund their deals. If you are working on a deal and needs funds, I am your guy. Give me a call because I’m always willing to help anyway that I can.

For more information on my iFlip system, visit

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ed August 27, 2013 at

I know you provide transactional funding. When is your money due back? please explain. I watched your webinar and am VERY interested!
Thanks, Ed


admin October 11, 2013 at

Ed, the money is due back the same day. That’s what so great about transactional funding. You only need it for a day. All you need is a cash buyer lined up and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get unlimited Proof of Funds letters and VOD’s anytime you need them. This is huge right now because banks are asking for VOD’s. Now, on occasion, I realize banks my have holds or restrictions. We do have extended term funding available if it’s needed, but we always like to go for the 24 hour deals. It’s a win win for both of us that way. So let’s get you started. Call my office 607-9three6-2200. Ask for Justin and he can help answer more of your questions if you have some.


joe burn January 3, 2014 at

Is your auto program all you claimed it is? I joined iflip close to a year now and all I am getting is a bill from you and non of the promises. I advertise the sites for buyers and sellers and no responses. Once in a while I’ll received a notice that a new buyer join the list which needs another subscription to access.


admin January 6, 2014 at

Joe, I can appreciate your frustration. Remember, the buyer and seller sites are just 1 way for finding buyers and sellers, plus it gives you credibility. If you are trying to find deals, you should also be focusing on bird dogs which is what iflip does best. You should have dozens of bird dogs that submit deals each week into your iflip account for your approval. The training shows you exactly how to do this. You should be swamped with leads and spending the majority of your time closing on these deals. Remember, we are the ones who will be funding your deals, so you just need to make sure you find that end buyer. If you are struggling finding your end buyers, then either of 2 things are happening. 1, you are offering too much and not following my formula for flipping these deals. So your deals are not attracting the buyers. Or 2, you’re not finding the right buyers in the right places. The buyer website you have is just one resource. We have a nationwide database of buyers you can access, (it’s part of iflip). We compile a new list of cash buyers each month with our Cash Buyer Data Feed. The training also shows you multiple other ways to find buyers for your deals. You will need to do more than just the buyer and seller sites in order to do deals. If you have questions, please call us. We would love to help you move forward and fund some of your deals.


Kevin Guild January 21, 2014 at

I am very interested in using your transaction funding within my current wholesaling bussiness.
Please forward information to me regarding accessing your transactional funding program as I am preparing to grow my bussiness.

Thank you,

Kevin Guild


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