Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Ok, so you're here because you're looking to find out more information on who Cameron Dunlap is and what he's been able to accomplish. Well, look no further because this is the place where you'll find the real story behind Cameron Dunlap and how he will be able to help you invest in real estate.

camheadshot.NO background.Cameron started out working for his father who ran a printing business. After a few short years, he decided to give corporate America a try and see what it had to offer. Within a short time, Cam found himself as one of the leading sales reps for the company he worked for. Although it was great recognition, Cam did not like the fact he was making someone else rich. So with his entrepreneurial spirit, he set out to change his life. Late one evening he saw an infomercial of a gentleman who was buying and selling homes for no money down. Cam jumped up and said, “This is exactly what I want to do.” So he immediately ordered the program and his life has never been the same. The first few years into the business, Cameron had already amassed millions in real estate which included residential and commercial buildings. He quickly learned as much as he could and soon people were asking him how to structure deals. Because he was very creative in structuring transactions, he became known as the “Transaction Technician.” He also loved teaching people how to creatively and successfully put together deals.

With all his success, he was invited by Carlton Sheets to speak to an audience of real estate investors and share with them his success and how he was finding able to find such success. He was invited more and more and soon was speaking all across the country to thousands of investors. His purpose was to educate and teach people exactly what is working in the market today and help individuals do more real estate deals. He has shared the speaking stage with dozens of top minds like Dennis Waitly, Ron LeGrand, and Mark Victor Hansen just to name a few. If you attend one of his events, you can't help but feel his passion for real estate.

He continues to speak to audiences across the nation who want to learn how to properly invest in real estate. The real estate market changes so often, and having someone who currently invests and knows what is working is the difference between success and failure.

Cameron has numerous training programs that help investors. Whether they need one-on-one help, money to fund deals, software to make life easier, or a list of buyers, Cameron has it all. As an active investor, he knows what investors need to be successful and more efficient. He offers transactional funding for those who need money to fund wholesale deals. He offers training for those who want to learn the business. He offers programs that will allow you to discuss your deals. This is called Cameron's Inner Circle. He offers lists of buyers so you can flip your properties. If investors need it, Cameron has it. He's all about helping student do more deals and cash more paychecks.